A Few Words About Us

We are a group of engineers working togather as a company with the craze of learning and exploring new technologies and eager to server the society by the bestest of knowledge we have. We have been serving clients from different nations since many years and we look forward to soon be commertialize fully.

We concentrate more in serving our clients with good quality and efficeint services because we strongly believe that customer satisfaction is must. After all a satisfied customer himself becomes our best advocate.

Fresher engineers, freebees or anyone with a better idea or projects are welcome if they want their talent to be in front of world and want to see their projects used practically by people.

Why Us

We understand the needs of the companies and corporate business owners to keep themself on in this rapidly growing scenario. Every business (big or small) needs to be known to every one by means of one or other advertising medium. A web site is a very good advertising medium which will endorse your product and services 24 X 7 X 365

On the other hand to reduce the human efforts for repetitive tasks a business can make use of technology by getting their business a software which can perform task for one to thousands of employees. We can help your organisation by providing it:

Technology has contributed a lot in past few years and have even much more to give. By making a good use of technologies today, you can give you business a new exposure and speed to achieve new objectives.

Company Details:

Name : Techsparsh

Status : Sole Proprietorship

You must know

Bhargav Shukal
Founder & Proprietor - TechSparsh

B.Tech - IT
Diploma - Computer Engineering


         Mission : To take fair advantage of new          technologies and serve the world with best of          my knowledge.

                       -Bhargav Shukal


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